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Mesh during an abdominoplasty ‼️

Permanent mesh can be used during an abdominoplasty to reinforce the abdominal wall. Sometimes a tummy tuck is not enough to fully reduce bulging of the abdominal area without mesh, for example if the core muscles are too weak / damaged.

Using mesh is very patient dependent, as it depends on the patients abdominal muscles and whether the extra reinforcement is needed.

The mesh abdominoplasty technique is superior to other techniques because it:

- Enforces the entire linea alba instead of patching a hole
- Distributes the forces with the mesh to reduce the chance for suture pull-through and recurrence of the bulging
- Helps ensure primary healing through attention to detail for skin blood flow
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Results after undergoing 360 liposuction 5 weeks ago 👌

We focused on contouring the tummy, flanks and love handles creating a toned, hourglass shape ⏳
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Body sculpting with 360 degree liposuction - before and 5 weeks after 💪 A really great result.

360 liposuction stands for circumferential liposuction of the back, love handles, flanks and abdomen 💯
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Let’s talk about the rhinoplasty procedure 👃

Some facts and myths you might of heard about:
✅ the demand for rhinoplasty surgery is growing
✅ it’s not just cosmetic. This surgery can help correct other health issues such as a deviated septum
❌it won’t change your voice. Some doctors will tell you your voice could change - this is not true if done correctly
✅ winter months see the most demand for rhinoplasty surgery
❌rhinoplasty can make your nose look fake. This is not true if your surgeon is well trained and experienced

Did you know most of these? Comment below 👇🤩

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