Facial Surgery

Frank is an expert in the field of facial surgery. As a highly trained surgeon with a natural talent and sensitivity for aesthetics he can provide advice and treatment to decrease signs of ageing and enhance natural beauty. Frank increasingly uses less invasive and even non-surgical treatments either in combination with surgery or on their own if indicated.


This is a gentle less invasive surgical facelift procedure with less down time and less scarring. Used to correct saggy cheeks by tightening up the supporting facial muscles, this lift improves youthful appearance and young facial proportions. The recovery process is faster than a facelift due to smaller, minimal incisions and less visible scarring.


This procedure lifts cheeks, temples and neck areas through tightening the supporting facial muscles (SMAS-technique). This combination face and neck lifting is done in a way which, after proper healing, results in barely visible scars located behind and in the ears.


If there is a problem with sunken, hollow cheeks, this `Beverly Hills` type procedure is recommended because it only involves incisions on the inside of the mouth and behind the hairline of the temples, which results in minimal scarring. The cheeks are gently raised to give a youthful, better appearance and the “smile/ laugh lines” are reduced while facial tissues are lifted and firmed to restore a younger look. Scarring is hidden behind the hairline and is virtually non-visible.


This procedure can improve the appearance of a fatty, saggy neck. Excess fat is carefully removed through a very small incision under the chin and the muscles supporting the skin of the cervical area are tightened. At the same time, a gentle liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia. However, if there is a lot of excess and saggy skin in the neck area, only a full face- and neck lift will provide an effective and lasting improvement.


A forehead lift is a good way to correct that tired, cross or stressed-out look, which results from sagging eyebrows, hanging or sunken eyelids, frown lines and wrinkles in the skin of the forehead.

A forehead or brow lift will raise the eyebrows to their original attractive position and smooth away frown lines and wrinkles from your brow. A brow lift can be done through an endoscope or careful incisions, which can be hidden to leave no visible scarring. A too high or too low forehead can be improved at the same time. In addition, there is also the possibility of lifting the eyebrows through an eyebrow or temple lift.


Upper eye lid plastic surgery is, together with corrective nose surgery, is the most frequently performed facial plastic surgery procedure with good outcomes and low complication rates. The excess skin is removed and the eyelid is firmed in a procedure that can be performed under local anaesthesia or an induced state of drowsiness (conscious sedation).

The surgery takes about an hour and can be done as an office based procedure under local anaesthesia.


Circles and bags under the eyes can be removed through a lower lid firming procedure. Lower lid corrections can be accomplished through an incision made under the edge of the eyelid. If there is no necessity to remove excess skin, the incision can be placed on the inside of the lower eyelid with no visible scarring.


Defects of the outer ear are quite commonly seen. It can be present at birth or be the result of an accident or aging. Abnormally protruding, or “bat ears”, are the result of abnormalities in the cartilage of the ears. Often only a small surgery is required in order to improve the shape of the ears and to attach them closer to the head. The incision lies in a skin fold behind the ear where it is unnoticeable.

Defects of the ears, both congenital as well as those caused by injury, can be corrected by using tissues from the patient’s own body in one or two-step procedures. Cartilage for grafting can be obtained from either the other ear or the ribs and will constitute a “framework” for the “new” ear. In order to achieve the best results, reconstructive ear surgery should be performed before other ear surgeries are undertaken. In the case of a child, it is advantageous for your child to be brought in for consultation early in order to plan this correction well.


Women desire to have full, beautiful lips. However, not only fullness is required for beautiful lips. Proportion, clear contours and a lovely, natural lip-red colour also play very important roles in a beautiful mouth. To enlarge the lips, either synthetic or natural materials can be used and although there are surgical means of improving the lips, today injections of filling substances are almost always the method of choice. The injections can be given in the surgeon’s practice as a so called “lunch time procedure”. Another positive aspect of lip enlargement with fillers is that there are no visible scars because it requires no incision. The patient’s own fat is another excellent and more permanent way to create fuller lips.


A marked improvement in the facial profile can be achieved through a chin or cheek correction. In some cases, corrective surgery for the nose can be performed at the same time in order to create a beautiful, harmonious facial picture.

A chin or cheek correction can also be achieved using your own body tissues by positioning the bones further forwards or backwards. In some cases, a correction of the position of the jaw can be done at the same time.

With the advance of modern filler substances like hyaluronic acid and the invention of fat grafting we have a whole spectrum of less invasive procedures to improve facial contour in these and any other area.


Corrective surgery for the nose is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgeries in the face. The nose can be made smaller, larger or straighter. The tip of the nose can be reshaped and the size of the nostrils can be surgically changed to improve appearance.


As time passes, the facial structure changes due to the shrinking of the fatty tissues found just under the facial skin. Using the patient’s own body-fat tissue as a graft, sunken cheeks, skin creases and wrinkles can be filled out again. Laugh lines, frown lines on the forehead, creases or too thin lips and cheek bones and chin can be filled and built up.

This gentle procedure creates a young and healthy facial contour and using your own body’s fat cells can give excellent, long-lasting improvement. The injection sites are small so usually there are only minimal or no visible scars.

Latest research has shown that fat cells harvested from our own subcutaneous skin, contains a few hundred times more stem cells than from bone marrow. These adipose derived stem cells are autologous: from the patients own body. They can improve quality and appearance of the skin in the treated area long lasting. It has been shown recently that adipose derived stem cells are one of the only treatments that can increase the amount of elastic fibres in skin, this is revolutionary and means that ageing can be reversed to a certain extent.