Stem Cell Therapy

Fat tissue is an extremely rich source of mesenchymal derived adult stem cells, which can be used to promote wound healing as well as to improve blood supply in tissue. The biggest advantage of fat is that it is readily available and we can use the patient’s own fat and own stem cells, making the procedure easier and safer, and without ethical issues. At present we use stem cell enriched fat transfer in soft tissue filling and augmentation to improve graft take and cosmetic outcome. Many breast cancer patients have skin changes after post mastectomy breast irradiation and treatment with cell enriched fat can improve these changes.

Adipose derived stem cell therapy is one of the new “hot topics” in Medicine worldwide and the implications and in Medicine will be revolutionary and far reaching.

Frank Graewe did the first cell enriched procedure with adipose derived stem cells in South Africa in 2011 during a workshop with Cytori at Tygerberg Hospital. He has since used adipose derived stem cells in a variety of clinical cases.

Applications for adipose derived stem cell therapy are increasing and regenerative medicine has evolved as a new field to translate and apply stem cell therapy to restore or establish normal function and health. Some proven indications for stem cell therapy are tissue regeneration in wound healing, radiation injuries, improving skin quality and skin rejuvenation in cosmetic surgery, neurodegenerative disorders, Crohn’s disease and osteoarthritis of knee and hip joints.