Corporate Social Responsibility

For as long as there are people who are in need of medical care but who face limited access either due to availability or economic factors there will always be a need for charitable initiatives in the health sector.

Frank Graewe works closely with organisations such as The Smile Foundation South Africa, The World Craniofacial Foundation (WCF) and We Love Africa, an initiative that originated during the 2006 FIFA Soccer World Cup and sponsors surgeries for children in need.

Frank considers it a privilege to apply his skills and experience to help people in need and most of the pro-bono or CSI cases referred are severe and complex craniofacial disorders. These are rare congenital disorders and there are only a few craniofacial specialists in South Africa that have experience in this field.

Due to the need for his specific category of skill, Frank has chosen to work with a specific CSI model, which ensures that the work is staggered, that public and private sectors collaborate and co-ordinate and that follow-ups are possible. The collaboration with credible foundations ensures that the accepted applicants have gone through an audited submissions process and that they meet the criteria in terms of the seriousness of their disorder and their lack of access to what, in essence, is an essential surgery.

An important part of each project is also creating much needed awareness as many of the children suffer from social alienation.